Workforce Certification

Mobile Crane Operator Training Certification
Through established standards to measure the knowledge and skill required for the safe operation of heavy machinery, operators can access this certification. In this way we ensure the capacity of operators to reduce risk through standardized safe practices.

Mobile Crane Certification and Training is required Nationwide. Crane operators using cranes that have 2000 lbs. and above lifting capacity being used on construction sites or in a construction process, will need to be certified by an accredited crane operator testing organization.

All Purpose Safety Training Solutions, provides scheduling to take the practical crane test crane operator license OSHA 1926.1419 through 1926.1422, 1926.1428 crane and rigging training safety services.

Lifting Operations Supervisor Certification
For those who require to certify their expertise in the supervision of operations have to demonstrate mastery of specific subjects among which are high-level planning, risk assessment and methods for carrying out lifting operations safely.

Assistant Crane Operator Certification
Decrease the rate of accidents in the workplace is a priority for any business, hence, the need to train and certify persons having adequate knowledge and skills in handling and maneuvering heavy equipment, this ensures the realization of any project more safely and effectively.

Certifications are increasingly becoming the standard to which professionals are being held. The benefits of certification are numerous: customers expect and receive a higher level of service, organizations increase their credibility with customers, and professionals increase their value to their organizations.

Specializing in services for workforce and their organizations, we offer certifications in numerous areas, as well as opportunities to earn continuing education hours to meet re-certification requirements.

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Developing its workforce for maximum effectiveness and productivity

The Workforce Certification (The Labor Certification) is a key tool in demonstrating the competencies and skills of quality and excellence that require production companies or sectors. Cranes USA carry out this process of Certification through a list of performance criteria established by the productive sector.