Heavy Lifting Operations Certification

Planning and certification lifting operations
All lifting operations should be planned so they are carried out safely with foreseeable risks taken into account. The person appointed to plan the lifting operation should have adequate practical and theoretical knowledge and experience of the lifts being undertaken.

The plan will need to address the risks identified by a risk assessment, the resources required, procedures and the responsibilities so that any lifting operation is carried out safely. The plan should ensure that the lifting equipment remains safe for the range of lifting operations for which the equipment might be used.

In many countries by law, all lifting operations involving lifting equipment must be properly planned by a competent person; appropriately supervised; and carried out in a safe manner.

Cranes and lifting accessories such as slings must be of adequate strength, tested and subject to the required examinations and inspections. All crane operators, and people involved in slinging loads and directing lifting operations, must be trained and competent.

Correct lifting can move large objects efficiently and reduce manual handling operations. Incorrect lifting however, can lead to disastrous accidents. Every year, incorrect lifting procedures cause injuries, loss of work time and property. People, machinery, loads, methods and the work environment, are all important factors for correct lifting. Provided that enough safety measures are fully implemented, lifting accidents can be reduced.

As a leading supplier, we are accredited to perform conformity assessments, as well as statutory and voluntary inspections on heavy lifting operations across the world.

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