Lifting Elements Certification

Lifting elements
Lifting elements are devices through which raise or lower loads in a safe and controlled. Some common ones we can find hooks, slings (metal or synthetic), shackles, pulleys, chains and rings among others.

Lifting elements certification
We certify and determine the capacity of hoisting elements, performing physical tests. Also, we submit these items to loads up to 125% nominal capacity to verify structural and mechanical integrity. After a favorable inspection report is issued by our qualified staff.

By certifying lifting elements we ensure that these items comply with international standards of quality and, thus, protect personnel operator and machinery. Accidents and production process interruptions cost money and have certified hoisting elements helps to optimize the service life of your equipment and increase rates of operating safety.

"Inspections should include a review of all moving parts and safety features for any defects or signs of wear that could affect the device’s safe handling of a load. All cables, ropes, chains and slings should be inspected for any signs of kinking, crushing or other damage. Any other fitting used with a lifting device should also be inspected and should be replaced if it is bent, cracked or cannot be properly attached. Sideways or inward lifting must be avoided, as they can damage both the lifting device and the rigging."

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Inspection and Certification of Lifting elements is critical to determine the operating conditions thereof providing complete and detailed information about its functional status and security of your equipment.