Heavy Equipment Certification

Heavy Equipment Certification
We provide inspection, verification and certification for heavy equipment, mainly for all kinds of industrial cranes. Our leadership allows us to guarantee the application of the highest standards in inspections conducted due to the expertise and commitment of our team of professionals.

Cranes Certification
CEO USA can perform the required annual inspections of your Mobil, Overhead, Tower cranes as well as small and large telescopic cranes to assure your company is in compliance with all OSHA requirements. Let our professional staff assure the safety of your equipment. We provide certificates so that your cranes are certified for factory or site use.

CEO USA provides two types of crane certification services that conform with statutory regulations.

1. Proof load testing for cranes. Testing can be performed either in house or at client’s premises. All lifting equipment must be certified before entering service in any factory or site.

2. Visual and certification. These must be performed every 12 months on overhead cranes.

Construction Machinery Certification
In order to assist our clients in achieving greater reliability of construction machinery to provide testing and certification services, focusing on equipment for earthmoving and road construction, based on the method of calculation of resistance and stability in accordance with the international standards.

Heavy Transportation Equipment Certification
We provide inspection and certify to transport specialized equipment following the local regulatory standards. We ensure that the main components of your equipment are in optimum conditions for operation.

Our inspectors have extensive experience in transport equipment as well as various variants of these so that we are sure to satisfy any application for certification for this specialty.

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Cranes USA offers certification services Heavy equipment of all kinds. We have Qualified and Certified Inspectors with the latest technology which allows to meet the requirements related to safety, health and environment by optimizing the service life of your equipment.