Who we are

CEO USA in a view

We are leaders in Heavy Equipment Certification, Industrial Cranes and Operators with worldwide recognition. We offer a wide range of Certification Services, as well as a variety of related products and services such as the Heavy Equipment and Tools Lifting Certification, meeting the required international standards as well as with the guidelines and specifications set by the industry.

Our profile

Crane's Engineering & Operator México and Crane's Engineering & Operator USA are Mexican companies dedicated to provide quality service anywhere in the world where our customers require, subject to internal guidelines and endorsed by the IGC group (The International Group Certification) www.qualitylatinoamerica.com

The CE&O group is distinguished by their collaboration in the area of ​​security and hoist maneuvers, equipment certification and operators of industrial machinery including cranes of all kinds.

In Crane's Engineering & Operator USA, we are pioneers in establishing certification standards worldwide in conjunction with government agencies around the world. We also are founders of some of the leading schools for the training of Certified Crane´s Operators in the world.

Our Certification advanced methods allow us to remain a leader in the industry and stay ahead, even after more than 40 years of service. Our core services can be divided into four categories:

Certification Services

Our commitment to our clients is to ensure compliance with national and international standards of your products and services with a wide range of compliance testing.

When testing the characteristics of your equipment, tools and machinery they are evaluated in many different ways. A product or service that does not fulfill the requirements can damage your reputation and diminish futures sales.

Having your equipment and machinery tested and certified enables you to demonstrate your services and product’s conformance,, while reducing risks and costs of future maintenance. That's why you need a trusted partner with the world-leading expertise and resources to help you ensure the safety and compliance of your products and services.

Ensure that your equipment is safe with comprehensive testing and certification, our experience and expertise behind us.

Maintenance Services

The purpose of maintenance is to improve and extend the quality of life of the machinery and equipment of our customers through increased responsiveness.

The types of jobs performed by our personnel are mainly preventive and corrective maintenance of the highest quality because we know that to be productive equipment must first be reliable.

Our certified technicians provide great value to the services that are needed to keep your equipment running efficiently.

Courses Certification and Professional Training

The purpose of the service is to recognize professionals with the commitment and dedication to plan their personal training and development in such a way as to achieve certification.

Upon completion of the program, the assessment test will attest that you have met the professional standards that CEO USA has developed and nurtured over the last years.

You will receive, in addition to the Attendance Certificate, a special Certificate that will attest your credentials as a Certified Professional.

Why Choose Us?

The strength of our institution based on the experience gained over the years through numerous interventions with private companies and government entities make our company the safest choice over our competitors.

Throughout our history we have been founders, along with government agencies, Certification Institutions worldwide. Due to the quality of our services we have the approval of certification agencies as DIN, NEN, ASME, ANSI, STPS, ISO, SOLAS and OSHA.

Our Crew
Our main value is that which comes from our people. We are proud to have a team of highly trained with which we are sure to meet successfully the challenges of quality and knowledge that are in demand in our sector.

Regional Coverage
We cover continental level having worked in many of the countries of America. The level of excellence of our certification services in many cases makes us the preferred choice over local certification companies.


Our vision

To distinguish ourselves as number one in national certifications, always offering specialized solutions and reliable quality policies attached to propose cutting-edge, reliable solutions with professionalism, commitment, work ethic and spirit of service, confirming the strength and prestige of the company in international leadership and social responsibility.

Our Mision
Provide reliable and secure solutions for customers who rely on our services, delivering the best of our knowledge and experience to provide a professional, efficient and quality with the assurance that, whatever the project entrusted, you will always have our support and specialized advice.



Our history

Since 1968, we consolidated our success through our people and aim to provide our employees a challenging and enjoyable career. Our strategy is linked to the training programs of high quality, which are designed to offer the best service to meet productivity goals, while protecting the integrity of our client assets.

We are a US subsidiary that has the backing of 43 years of experience and strength of Crane's Engineering & Operator, founded in Germany since 1968. We are a team of people committed to service excellence with the firm intention of optimizing the functions and processes of the companies that hire our services.

So every day we strive to provide quality services, reliable and efficient working seriously and honestly, giving our full attention to each of our clients.