Courses Certification and Professional Training

Certified Crane Supervisor Training
Our courses for heavy equipment operators in order to obtain specific certification equipment operation provide the knowledge and skills in the areas of health, safety, environment , maintenance and operation of the machinery in question, among others.

We know that you count on a long experience in the operation of your specialty equipment so in CEO Mexico we help you standardize your knowledge and skills, so you can get certified.

Certified Crane Operator Training
CEO USA has developed a program that prepares crane operators to complete the Nationally Accredited, OSHA Recognized CIC Mobile Crane Operator Certification Program. When you complete our program, you will understand the principles of crane operation and crane safety. We offer hands on training including load chart interpretation, OSHA/ASME review and the CIC Practical Exam.

We are the hands-on technical experts who have the most field experience in a several state radius. As we are quick to remind our clients, we have many years of applicable experience, which is part of the intuitive sense of understanding we help yield your way as you go for your crane operator certification. Moreover, some of our staff actually has years of experience working with the Crane Institute of America Certification (CIC) so you can bet you are in expert hands when you come to us. They do not call us the leading crane professors in the country for nothing; we prepare you for the necessary standards set by the test.

Industrial Safety Courses
Industrial safety benefits us all because of the importance it brings, this allows the professional development of those who implement it. Through our preparation courses for obtaining the certificate in industrial safety skills are incorporated to serve as an effective representative in accordance with OSHA safety.

The decrease in the incidence of accidents and the costs associated with it is the result of prioritizing industrial safety in workplaces.

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Courses Certification and Professional Training

The Training Courses are great support tools for companies that know the importance of updating the knowledge and skills of its employees. In Cranes USA we offer specialized courses aimed at increasing the productivity of your company.